Mawande Ka Zenzile at Stevenson Gallery

Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg is currently hosting the third solo show by artist, Mawande Ka Zenzile, titled Mawande Ka Zenzile. The exhibition contains paintings, sculptures, video installation and a performance piece (during the opening night). During the performance piece, a man walked around the gallery with a goat on a red leash in hand and a head covered in a brown potato sack. Walking barefoot on a cow dung covered floor, while wearing a black suit, the man shouted – as if reciting a praise song – in isiXhosa as he was walking. 

Some of the materials used for the show include “cow dung and earth on canvas, stones and mud bricks” 

About the show, Mawande writes:

“In this body of work I’m interrogating political and social issues such as racism, capitalism and colonialism and the impact they have created. For me art becomes a space for contemplation where new allegories meet the old ones, and out of this fusion I develop different ways to expose how power works in our society and histories. In this exhibition I continue using iconographic images; I borrow them from their original context and use them as materials in my own work to convey hidden meanings about the complex nature of our society.”

The following images were taken during the opening night of the exhibition:



All image taken by Zimasa Mpemnyama.


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